Our campus is open to all and our caring faculty and staff create a nuturing culture which reflected in how our students call their teachers by their first names. Our relationships are build on trust, honesty, and respect but also on love, fun, and sometimes even goofiness. With a student-teacher ratio of 5:1 every student gets the nuture and attention they deserve. And with the average years of teaching experience for our faculty being 15 years, our teachers have seen it all and can relate to just about anything. Oh and did we mention that 56 percent of our faculty and staff have either a Master’s degree or PhD?

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Lynn Yoder

Lynn YoderMath

  • Kirkwood Community College | AA
  • University of Iowa | BA in Mathmatics
  • Iowa State University | MSM in Mathmatics

LYNN is as practical as her desk is pristine. Sometimes, just for kicks, she likes to clean and tidy up her house. Perhaps Hillcrest’s most organized teacher, she also vies for the position of most passionate. Case in point? Lynn’s been known to have particularly complex math problems keep her up at night and is deeply satisfied when she solves them. She’s here because she loves interacting with young people even if they “exhaust [her] and keep [her] in stitches at times.” Lynn sees God’s beauty in those young people when they build each other up. She loves the Cubs (pray they win the World Series so she’ll bring the school donuts again), accomplishing a stressful task, and hugs and kisses from her grandbabies. And she doesn’t have time for silly questions like “What is your most impressive skill?” (It’s humility and holding her breath, by the way)