This Day In Ravens Athletics

This Day In Ravens Athletics

We consider Zach Ulin of KCII Radio, the voice of Ravens athletics. He wonderfully communicates our games over the radio through his creative play-by-play. Part of his pre-game commentary will be to go back in time and tell us what notable happenings which took place on that particular game day. The research Zach has done is extensive. We hope you enjoy them and be sure to tune into Zach’s call tonight on KCII Radio or

Girls Basketball – January 3

1980 – Lost to Solon 66-48. Sara Brenneman 23pts.

1985 – Beat Amana 61-49. Sheryl Hostetler 29pts. Mary Jo Swartzendruber 21pts. Annette Wenger 12 steals.

1986 – Beat Amana 47-34. Candie Cool 16pts. Sheryl Hostetler 15pts.

1992 – Beat West Liberty 33-28. Mollie Swartzendruber 11pts.

1995 – Beat Wilton 66-44. Jenny Bock 31pts. Rachel Smith/Kera Miller 12pts each.

2002 – Lost to Mediapolis 56-37. Tiffany TeBockhorst 17pts.

2009 – Beat Wapello 54-24. Elizabeth Miller 13pts, Allison Bontrager 11pts, Emma Yutzy 10pts.

2012 – Lost to Highland 50-40. Laura Hochstetler 10pts.

2014 – Lost to WMU 39-37. Olivia Yutzy 12pts. Riley Schmieder 10pts.

2017 – Lost to Pekin 47-43. Suzanna Yoder 24pts. Alyssa Hershberger 17pts.

2020 – Lost to Columbus 32-26. Yani Gutierrez double double 11pts 12rbs. Esther Hughes 12pts. 

Boys Basketball – January 3

1983 – Lost to IC Regina 61-37. Kendal Gingerich 10pts.

1985 – Lost to Mid-Prairie 55-38. Darin Hochstetler/Jeff Gingerich 9pts each. 

1986 – Beat Sigourney 65-32. Wayne Leichty/Lance Miller 15pts each.

1989 – Lost to Washington 53-46. Mike Hershberger 17pts. Troy Miller 13pts.

2002 – Beat Mediapolis 50-49. Nolan Yoder 18pts 10rbs. Garrett Yoder 10pts.

2009 – Beat Wapello 52-33 Jesse Ney 24pts.

2012 – Beat Highland 86-57. Chance Miller 26pts, Brian Hagedorn 13pts, Cameron Gingerich 12pts, Peyton Thompson 11pts.

2014 – Beat WMU 60-40 Dallas Nye double double 19pts 11rbs. Reggie Hostetler 12pts, Zach Hill 10pts.

2015 – Lost to Washington 59-46 Eli Gingerich/Nick Yutzy 12pts each.

2017 – Beat Pekin 68-61 Nick Yutzy 19pts. Cole Ours 13pts. Reggie Borntrager 11pts.

2020 – Beat Columbus 57-52. Kobe Borntrager 21pts. Eli Ours 17pts.