February 7-11 Chapels Continue to Focus on John

February 7-11 Chapels Continue to Focus on John

In this week of chapels, we continued looking into the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. This portion of the story was taken from John 4:27-38.

On Monday, English teacher Bryan Neuschwander shared about the relational nature of Jesus’ interactions with the woman. Jesus’ relational interactions with her led her to go to the village and invite the people to meet Jesus. We were challenged in our interactions with people to have an invitational “Come and see” nature, inviting people to encounter Jesus.

Tuesday was a planned late start so we did not have chapel.

On Wednesday, we were blessed by Administrative Assistant Laurie Miller singing “May the Words of My Mouth” accompanied by Shelby Graber, youth pastor at Upper Deer Creek Mennonite Church. Then Shelby spoke about risk taking. Following Jesus and speaking to others about Jesus involves risk that is worth taking.

Thursday’s chapel featured speaker Lyndsie Schoor from Solon, IA. Lyndsie referred to the story of the woman at the well and how she moved out of her comfort zone to share with others about Jesus. 

The Hillcrest Academy Praise Band wrapped up our chapel week on Friday by leading us in worship through song.