January 10-14 Chapels Focus on John 2:12-15

January 10-14 Chapels Focus on John 2:12-15

Our story for this week of chapels was from John 2:12-25 in which Jesus clears the temple of the animals and money-changers.

On Monday, art teacher Bryn Hovde discussed the temple and the significance of it for the Israelite people. It was the center for Jewish holidays and sacrifices. The temple represented the presence of God in the midst of the people.

There was no chapel time on Tuesday because of a planned late start.

Wednesday’s chapel featured senior Julia Boller discussing the Passover festival, which was going on during the time that Jesus cleared the temple. The Passover represented God’s deliverance for the Israelites from slavery. For Christians, this represents the deliverance from the slavery of sin through Jesus’ sacrifice.

We spent most of the time during Thursday’s chapel responding to discussion questions based on our story for this week. 

On Friday, we wrapped up our chapel week with a hymn sing led by chapel coordinator Lee Ebersole.