A Child-like Faith: Mark 10:13-16

A Child-like Faith: Mark 10:13-16

The Hillcrest Praise Band includes Sarah Miller, Ivana Ebersole, Madeline Fox, Sophie Marshall, Julia Boller, Jacob Smith Derksen, Noah Miller and Faculty, Lee Ebersole

We had a shorter week of chapels during the week of April 19-23 with the Special Emphasis events on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week was guided by the scripture from Mark 10:13-16 in which Jesus blessed the little children.

On Wednesday, we were led in the Discovery Bible study method by Sierra Cheney, Spanish teacher. We read through the Mark 10: 13-16 story and then discussed it in our home room groups as we responded to the questions of this Bible study method. 

Thursday’s chapel featured in part a few videos of children answering questions about Jesus, church, and what they thought of the disciples trying to keep the children away from Jesus. We then viewed two videos which discussed the story.

The Hillcrest Praise Band wrapped up our week by leading us in worship through song. We sang My Lighthouse, Good Good Father, Thrive, Bless the Lord O My Soul, and Diamonds.