Experiencing The Stations Of The Cross

Experiencing The Stations Of The Cross

Senior, Malia Sedlacek with Leanne Bender

Over the two weeks prior to Easter, Hillcrest Academy students and faculty have been going on a journey guided by the Stations of the Cross. These stations represent different points of Jesus’ experience from the garden of Gethsemane to his death on the cross. It is intended to give participants a sense of the depth of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice that he went through because of his love for all humanity.

The Stations of the Cross were introduced and instructions given as to how we would be going through them. Students then met in their small group settings and visited the first two stations: Jesus’ agony in the Garden and Jesus’ arrest. For each step there are scriptures, a question to think about, a time of sharing those thoughts and a prayer.

Again in small group settings, we visited the next 4 stations: Station 3: Peter’s denial, Station 4: Jesus is sentenced to death by Pilate, Station 5: Jesus is mocked, and Station 6: Simon helps Jesus carry the cross.

The Friday’s chapel of that week featured the Hillcrest Praise Band leading songs that focused on the sacrifice of Jesus for the sake of reconciling humanity to God.

The following Monday’s chapel was focused again on the last two stations of the cross. Station 7: Jesus is crucified and Station 8: Jesus dies on the cross.