Chapels Focus on the Life of Jesus

Chapels Focus on the Life of Jesus

Faculty Sierra Cheney leads the students in the Discovery Bible Study method of Mark 8:1-26

Our theme for this week of chapels was in part informed by the scripture from Mark 8:1-26 which involves a variety of events in the life of Jesus – feeding the 4,000, being confronted by the Pharisees, challenging his disciples, and healing a blind man.

On Monday, Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney led us in the Discovery Bible Study method with this scripture. We did this in the auditorium with our small groups.

There was a scheduled late start on Tuesday, so there was no chapel time. On Wednesday, David Heusinkveld, interim pastor of Eicher Mennonite in Wayland, IA, shared an overview of Mark leading up to our scripture for the week. David shared how Jesus was revealing who he was through his life and teachings and then allowed the disciples to figure it out. God continues to work with us in a similar way, we have clues and evidences along the way, and through the guidance of God’s Spirit, we discern God’s ways.

Thursday’s chapel time was spent watching a documentary entitled “Angst”. The film includes interviews with teens who live with anxiety and how they are coping with it. In addition, it differentiated between living with anxiety versus an anxiety disorder.

On Friday, we viewed a short followup interview with one of the doctors featured in the film “Angst” in which he answered 3 of the usual questions that arise from persons who have seen the movie. Then we spent some time in small groups responding to discussion questions provided by guidance counselor Leanne Bender.