Samara Deanna Jimenez

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Praise Band (1), Art Club (2), Board Game Club (1), NHS (1), Chapel Committee (3) SPORTS: Basketball (1), Track (2) FINE ARTS: Choir (4), Drama/Musical Cast (3)

Parents: Ignacio and Melitza Jimenez

Post Hillcrest Academy plans: University of Iowa, major in Art and minor in Social Justice

Hobbies/interests: Drawing, being outdoors, hanging out with friends

Favorite Bible verse: The story of The Good Samaritan

What 3 words describe you: Creative, Kind, Adventurous

Talk about your Hillcrest experience and give words of wisdom to the underclassmen: My Hillcrest experience was a positive one. I enjoyed being surrounded by a loving, supportive community. I appreciate how helpful teachers are. They strive to build relationships with students. My advice to the underclassmen is to enjoy your time spent with friends and teachers. Talk to them when you need help. Don’t feel the need to be perfect.