Aaron James Hershberger

SPORTS: Baseball (8,9); Cross Country (9,10); Boy’s Basketball (9,10,11,12); Boy’s Basketball Statistician (9,10); Soccer (12); Track (9,10,11,12); Track Captain (12); FINE ARTS: Chorale (9,10); Touring Choir (11,12); Concert Choir (11,12); Acapella Group (11); Fall Drama or Musical Cast (11); Fall Drama or Musical Crew (9,10); Spring Drama or Musical Crew (9,10); CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: National Honors Society (11,12); Youth Salute (12)

Parents: Jim & Audra Hershberger

Post Hillcrest Academy plans: University of Northern Iowa

Hobbies/interests: I enjoy being in nature and watching TV

Favorite Bible story/verse: The story of Balaam and his donkey (Numbers 22)

What 3 words describe you?: Honest, Motivated, Personable

Talk about your Hillcrest experience and give words of wisdom to the underclassmen: At Hillcrest I thrived as a person and prospered as a student. I encourage underclassmen to seek good grades, but also know when to just have fun and be a teenager.